"PART 2"



Things I did today

Workshop on slip-casting pt.1 - introduction to molds and pouring slip

Slip casting is pretty interesting. It’s a way to create duplicates of an object, and i guess this is a useful method to create batch productions. Honestly, I’m just excited to try it out. Hopefully, it will turn out well.

I feel like with this method, i should try and create some sort of collection, whereas the base of the object will be made up of the same shape but but the details on it will vary. I feel like this is something interesting i can work on with this project. This is something i should keep in mind when creating my design. A collection of objects.

Drawing exercises

We were given prompts and were asked to create designs for our object based on these prompts. Honestly, some were hard, but some were relatively easy. Overall i feel like i work pretty well with time limits, as I was able to fill a few pages with ideas. I liked them, and there were a few that I would like to develop. Though i should note that i did struggle with the cultural prompt as i didn’t have enough research to really develop the work. This is something i need to to before going any further with the project.

Workshop on slip-casting pt.2 - drying and extraction from mold


PATIENCE IS KEY. Extracting the mold outs was honestly such as struggle. If it wasn’t ready to come out, it wouldn’t come out. This is was most frustrating thing as i just wanted to finish the project as quickly as possible, but it took ages to take the mold out. Though after while, i realized that taking wet molds out was very beneficial when making flowy work. It was easier to shape the slip into flowing shapes as it was more flexible. This is something i should note if i were to ever do ceramics again.

I’ve decided to create a set of flowy ceramics pieces that could hold coins.


Things I did today:

  1. New idea for ceramic pieces_faces
  2. Ceramics production_1st idea
  3. Ceramics production_2nd idea
  4. Ceramics production_altering initial ideas

After my tutorial, the tutor that day came to me and talked to me about my work. After explaining my idea, she stated that what I’m doing is too sculptural as compared to functional, this was something that wouldn’t help me get to product design. After the talk, although it was useful, i was a bit frustrated and upset as this talked happened almost at the very end of the time we had at the ceramics workshop, thus i really had to figure out something quickly and work on it. With this last minute change, im very pessimistic about my outcome. Hopefully it will work out. But i'm very doubtful.

I feel like this is something i should really keep in mind for the next projects, I NEED TO CREATE SOMETHING THAT IS MORE FUNCTIONAL THAN SCULPTURAL.  


Things I did today

Collect fired work from KX

I collected everything, but like now I’m a bit confused. I have a number of ceramics pieces, but  according to the teacher most of it were too sculptural. I did have pieces that were basic, i think i'm going to try and improve those ones instead. Though i will still keep and work o the more sculptural pieces as i feel like they are successful as a vessel. I think i'm going to develop them by attaching them to one another and then giving it a base or wrapping them together with rubber bands. I'm not sure yet about this, i'll try develop this after i finish my final outcome. As for the final outcome, i will further develop this today with the extra material. I’m thinking of using felt, as it comes in bright and playful colors and it is also flexible; something i can make a pouch with. Will develop this further.


I like the shape, it is flowy and dynamic as it adds to the shape of the ceramics. Though i feel like it wouldn’t be able to contain that many coins, which diminishes the purpose of the object. Though i feel like if i added more volume to the base, the object would be able to accomodate more space. I feel like there is potential with the design, but i feel like i'll choose which design to develop at the end in order to choose the one with the most potential.


The shape of the ceramics is very simple and the idea i have for it is also very simple but functional. This is the one i would use for my final work, as it is functional and very simple, something that embodies more of product design than the other idea i had.

Idea Development

I’ve decided to make a coin pouch that comes with a container that could easily organize coins, something travellers with lots of coins would use.


Initially i was going to create the final work using felt, though a classmate of mine convinced me otherwise, and i am so thankful for it. He told me to try and use leather as it would look better and more expensive and he was right. The leather made the object look more expensive, as leather is known as an expensive object. It really made my work look more elegant and sophisticated. I am very happy that i've decided to experiment with leather as it really improved my work.






I am struggling with sewing the work together. I’ve made a few attempts and I’ve managed to create one, but it honestly takes ages. It it extremely frustrating and i feel like I’m going to try and create it with a sewing machines as i know it's going to create a cleaner finish and would save a lot of time. With that i would have to leave this work until i've been inducted to the sewing workshop. Though overall i should note that i’m happy with how the product turned out. Although it is very simple and not at all my style, i feel like it is very clean and I’m happy with this new kind of style i have for my work.


V&A Museum of Childhood

After going through the collection, I’ve noticed that there aren’t that many toys geared towards literacy and numeracy (the topic I’ve chosen). Although there are a few toys such as the Abacus, sudoku and scrabble,  as compared to the other toys for children, educational toys only makes up a small fraction. I feel that the reason behind this is because manufacturers realize that educational toys don’t really sell. This make sense as; if no one wants to buy the toys, why produce them? I feel that most educational toys are a bit boring. In terms of design they are simple and elegant; clean. Though as a child i wouldn’t imagine being attracted to them as they look complex and not at all fun. They are not colorful, nor do they have attractive features, the focus of these toys are for education, which at times means the design or attractiveness of the object itself would be sacrificed. This is something i would need to look into, to create a children’s toy that looks attractive, yet is educational. To find the balance between playful and educational. This is something i would need to further look into.


The store had a bigger collection of educational toys, as compared to the museum. I feel like this signifies how toys makers are starting to think about educational toys for kids. Tough after looking closely, I’ve realized that the toys being produced are very similar to one another. Some of them are just slightly modified versions of pre-existing games, such as bananagrams, which is just slightly modified version of scrabble. With that i feel like going through the store was a bit useless, and i’ve come to the realization that there really isn’t that many toys geared towards enhancing a child’s literacy and numeracy skills. Thus i would have to come up with something new. With that i feel that the next step i would need to take is to research on child psychology and the similarities between popular toys that makes the sell. I feel like being able to make an attractive product is very important when making an educational object.

  1. Independent Research

After conducting research, I’ve realized that color really makes an impact in making an object more attractive. Kids are more drawn to things with color, they are more attracted to them because they are more playful and somehow captures their attention. This is something i would consider when creating my final work. Additionally, characters are also another thing that enggages kids. Though i feel like there is a fine like between a character being too cheesy and being well designed. This line is often hard to differentiate, thus i would try and steer clear of making a product with characters on it.



Initial Ideas

We were given 3 minute prompts and were asked to develop our idea with them. I feel like they were a bit challenging as i didn’t know what to create with my final product, though i feel that working quickly was really good. In 30 minutes we were able to generate 10 ideas, which is better than slowly generating ideas one by one. Im beginning to notice that I work better with pressure. I like working fast, as with is there is no room for mistakes. I like how i can just freely hot down whatever I’m thinking about, right at the second. I feel like this is a good way for me to work, and i feel like when I’m doing my own work, this is the method I would use.


There were 3 ideas that i wanted to further develop, i showed this to the tutor, and i was able to receive helpful feedback. She asked me, why not create something other than a toy, and at that point, I haven’t really considered creating something other than a toy. With that i began to dive deeper and develop my chosen idea (something to do with fractions, as i feel like the problem with people is that they fail to learn the basics of math, thus they end up hating the subject) and develop a range of product based on it. I feel like talking to the tutor really helped, as it opened my mind to the possibility of creating different things. With this, i begin to realize that something i tend to box myself off the certain ideas. I fail to consider every possible outcome, and instead stick with ideas that i feel is save and doable. This is something i would need to keep in mind the next time i do work. To look beyond my comfort zone and be more experimental with my ideas.



I managed to cut wood and do everything i need to do.


This tutorial was very useful. I feel like InDesign is something I will use when creating basic layouts for my sheets.


I didn’t face any problems and I’m currently on track with the things I need to do. Though i should note that I keep forgetting to use the equipments properly, i forget to use the googles and put my hand too close to the blade. This is something i should keep in mind in the future, as I could’ve gotten really hurt.


Library Tutorial

This tutorial was very useful, i was able to learn a lot from the things we were taught. I never thought we had that many resources, and I’m actually really glad I came. I feel like these resources would be very beneficial for me right now and in the future.


Spray painting is HARD. I never thought spray painting could be such a hassle, it really is though. There are proper techniques that i need to follow, and even after I’ve followed them, things did not always turn out nicely. I feel like my biggest struggle with the paint is that it didn’t coat the wood properly. This is something i should keep practicing as i feel that spray painted items look way better than hand painted items. This is based on how spray painted items create a solid finish and there isn’t a fear that the color won’t be the same as it came out of the same can. I NEED to further develop my spray painting skills. Another thing i should note is patience. I feel like i was being too rushed that i didn’t wait until the paint is dry when packing them away. This was such a big mistake as the paint got ovr the different pieces, making the pieces stick together and look messy. This is something i should keep in mind when spray painting.



The critique went by fine, i guess. I received positive feedback for my work. The thing is, i feel like the work i made wasn’t good enough? As compared to the other people in my class, the work i made wasn’t very experimental and different? And i feel that because of it the BA tutor didn’t choose my work. I know that there are a lot of amazing works in the class, it’s just that I’m beginning to think that i wont fit in with the BA program. Although i had good development and research, i feel like i really do struggle with generating new, interesting and bold ideas. With that i'm beginning to rethink my choices. I’m really scared that i wouldn’t get it to the BA course and i feel like my work isn't as creative as the other people in my class. Additionally after today, I’m starting to miss doing something thats my academic? Though i feel like i'm thinking this way as i'm scared of not getting in and is trying to squirrel out of doing what i know i want to do with my life. I honestly love the course and doing the things we are doing in foundation right now, but after the crit, i don't know. I feel like although i love it, i might not be the right person in the course. I feel like this is something i would really need to think about when applying to a BA course.


Things I did today

Looked at the garden

Walking around the garden, I would honestly say it was a bit sad. Although I understand why most of the plants are dried out (its winter) and not well taken care of, it was a bit sad to see a garden like this. Coming from a tropical country, where there are plants everywhere and nature around me, I was reminded of how when plants aren’t taken care of, they would eventually die out. This then led me to thinking about how one of the biggest reasons a plant would die out is due to human interference, such as pollution or trash. This was then the basis of my idea to regenerate trash into a new material that can be used instead of the many unsustainable materials that we use today. Trash is something we create and often times it is unavoidable. I feel like this is a problem that all designers should tackle in order to limit the trash we create through our design.

Thus, in this project, I would like to design something out of trash. Creating a new usable item with old discarded items.

Initial research

              When conducting my research, I saw how many designers are trying to create new sustainable materials in order to replace the unstainable ones that we now rely on. I feel like this is an interesting area of design that I would look into. Not only does it dive deep into research, but it is also the kind of design that could really make an impact in the world. This kind of design is important as it changes the way we perceive the products around us, looking at the lifespan of each object and how we can improve our current quality of living.


Things I did today

Initial Idea

I came up with a number of ideas, though there was an idea of creating packaging that stuck with me. This is something I will research on. I feel like packaging is one of the biggest contributors to waste. We use it once and then throw it away. This one time use habit is something that should be changed, as it is a terrible thing. I feel that good design can change the way we use packaging.

More research

There were a number of excellent packaging techniques, most of which is supported with graphics in order to see said products. Though one the most interesting one I saw was cloth packaging, wherein cloth is reusable and can be shaped into different shapes. I like this idea, and I realize that if I were to focus more on the use of fabric, this could be a chance for me to explore textiles. Something I’ve been interested in for a while now. Thus, with that decided that I might try and create something through textile methods in this project, in order to try something new.

This decision to do something that is a bit more textiles is something that I was unsure about. Though I feel that throughout the course I’ve been to reliant on other people’s opinions in shaping my projects. I’m too used to having people’s judgement of my work become the soul basis of how I value my work. I feel this need for approval is unhealthy, as at the end of the day, the work I create isn’t mine, it is a mere reflection of the approval given by the people around me. I don’t like that. I feel as though I am a tool of creation instead of a designer. I feel this is something I should continue to work on, thus this decision to do textiles is something that would let me be more creative as a designer and be more confident with the direction of my project.



Things I did today

Refining idea

After conducting more research on cloth packaging, I decided to experiment on the materials that I could use to create the cloth itself. After thinking it over, I’ve decided to create the cloth through a traditional method of weaving that requires no extra material and to create the textile out of plastic. I choose plastic as it is one of the most sustainable materials we produce, additionally it is also versatile as it can be shaped easily and is waterproof, thus giving the final product better resistance against any spillage.


I feel that the trials I made were successful, the only thing I need to do is figure out how to make the product aesthetically pleasing. Although functional, the work isn’t attractive. My friend commented that color plays a big role in the aesthetic and I should try to match plastics of matching colors together. I thought this was a relatively simple idea that I completely missed and I wonder how I could miss such a crucial characteristic. I feel that when I am overwhelmed with ideas of an array of plastic, I tend to overlook the simplest things. It is nice to take a step backwards and look at this from a distance to see things we couldn’t see up-close. I feel like this is something I will do whenever I’m too consumed in my project.


Creating the final outcome

I really enjoy weaving. Although I wasn’t able to complete my final outcome in time for the critique, I can see the fabric starting to form, and I must say it looks very interesting. I like the pattern of colors and textures that has emerged from the different plastics. Although interesting, I must note that as of now, the outcome is a bit messy. There is a few loose plastics, making the product look a bit more decorative than functional. I feel that this mixture of plastics wasn’t the best combination. I should’ve used plastics with the same thickness and maybe cut them in a more uniformed way. I would think that if I were to use thicker plastic, the weave would be denser, thus making the end product neater and more coherent that the product I have now. I feel that a lot of improvements can be made to my work. One of which is the composition of plastics that I should’ve considered more carefully during the start of the project. Looking at it, I feel that this project is very different compared to the other project I’ve made. it isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though it was not as successful as compared to the other projects I’ve made. although I wasn’t successful in my attempts, I am happy that I did at least attempt a new kind of project. I went out of my comfort zone and tried something new. I feel that this is something I should try to do more often, as failing is often times part of the process in order to become better. I should be less of a perfectionist and be more experimental in my approach in order to improve my design practice.


Things I did today


Although I wasn’t able to get a lot of feedback, people did say that they were interested in my project. It is different from the other projects in the room, something on the more experimental side. It was impressive that I was able to create as much as I had in the small amount of time we had, though I still feel that this project is very unsuccessful. I feel that I could do better if I were given more time. I would experiment more with the materials given and do more compositional studies. The product I had was rushed and messy. I feel that there is more potential to it. I should try and develop this product further, though for now it is fine.

Overall, I would say during this project I was very experimental and am happy that I choose to do something a bit risky. Although the final outcome wasn’t that great, I would say that I really like the concept behind it. I feel that it is well thought out and I did consider different aspects such as cultural, environmental and aesthetic significance in my design. I looked at current news and studied simple ways in which we can conduct regenerative design. There is a lot of potential for further improvements in this project.




Things I did today:

Idea generation

I’ve gotten into the habit of quick idea generation. Before we were instructed to do so, I have taken the time to generate some ideas, which I then continued in class. I feel that that is a good habit that I should keep up. It is a good way to generate ideas for an upcoming project without really putting too much pressure on the ideas. Quick idea generation allows me to explore and navigate through my thoughts quickly on the given subject, without any fear of mistakes or idiocy. This is something I like, as often times I would overthink a certain idea and would end up simplifying it in which it becomes too dull or generic.

From what I’ve done, I’ve managed to choose 3 ideas that I would like to work on.

Paper models

We were then asked to make 3 paper models to quickly visualize the ideas. I feel like the paper models I made were unsuccessful as I couldn’t illustrate the correct dynamics of the ideas. Although I did manage to better visualize the ideas and see problemed areas that should be redesigned in order to improve those ideas.

Refining ideas

I feel that having a systematic approach in design is very helpful. It allows me to be organized with the things I’m doing whist giving me enough time to be more considered with making my designs. I feel that through what I’m saying, I’m becoming more aware of what kind of designer I am; someone who likes things to be organized. Although I like surprises and happy mistakes, I do enjoy having a systematic approach with the things I’m doing. It creates a clear picture in my mind of the things I need to do and helps me focus on the task at hand, rather than being too overwhelmed with the things I have to do.



Quick model

Although I am opposed to making a quick model today, I feel that it was a good decision, even though my design was not ready yet. This quick model allowed me to better visualize the thickness and different measurements that I will be using for my final model. Although I feel that this was a waste of wood, it did help me develop my work. Additionally, I’ve come to realize that my woods skills have drastically improved in comparison to my skills when I first got into the course. At the beginning I did not know what to do and was always confused. Now I could make a quick model in 15 minutes and know what I need and how to do the things I need to do. It is nice to look back and see the progress I’ve made throughout the course.

Refining ideas_2

From what I did with the model, did some research on chopping boards and started rethinking the composition of the board. Although it was an interesting idea to have different elements to the board such as spice holders or attached vessels, I realized that this can be further improved to maximize the usage of the object. I looked at different books and existing products and realized that chopping boards don’t have to be square in shape. This is something I can play around with and will further consider in developing the design.



Things I did today

Finalize Design

After creating a few sketches, I consulted with my client on her thoughts on the matter. She didn’t really have any. It was a bit frustrating to be working with a client that didn’t have much thoughts on the matter and was a bit hard to contact. After a while I realized that I tend to be too reliant on another person when shaping the things, I make. I feel that this is one of my biggest weaknesses. Thus, with that I decided to be more decisive and take charge on my project. I choose the design I liked and decided to finalize and create said design. It feels good to be more confident with my decisions, and I feel like this is something I need to keep improving on in order to become a better designer.


To make the final model I had a lot of help. Although I am an organized person, I am a bit careless when it comes to measurements. This often resulted in wonky and parts that do not fit together. This is something I need to improve on, as if I keep doing this, I would end up wasting too much time and material.

Although I was reluctant to ask for help for the technician from the workshop, as I was intimidated. The help they gave me was extremely useful and had really shaped my work. I was able to learn a lot about the different types of wood and woodworking technique that really helped shape the final model I made. the thickness of wood and different tools really makes a difference; thus, I should be kept in mind that the next time I create a model; I should be more considerate with the different materials I am using.


Things I did today

Workshop, finished my model

I was able to finish my model. It was successful, though I did have trouble with leveling the detachable parts to the main body. I made a slight error when installing the dowel, thus I had to sand down the part. This was tedious and took a long time, something I could’ve avoided if I were to be more careful next time. Although the model was successful and was correctly made according to the design, I feel that there are adjustments that could be done in order to improve the work. The storage space is a bit unsafe and can be improved. Additionally, the vessels had holes in them and can be improved. I feel that these vessels can be exchanged with ceramics plates or maybe have a different shape. This is something I need to further consider in order to improve my work.

Portfolio Sheets

I can see a real difference with the sheets I make. I feel more confident with my style of layouts, which shows in the continuity of my sheets. Although it took a while, it’s nice to see that I’ve become more confident with the way I work and is on track to finding my style. It seems that I like colorful sheets that are organized, yet still playful. Additionally, I can also see that I’ve improved on my drawing skills. Through trying different techniques, I decided to try to start drawing with markers. This really made a huge positive impact on my work, making my drawings more accurate and understandable. They are clean and clear, I’m really happy with how they turn out. I feel like this is something I will continue to develop through the course.


Things I did today:

Practice Interview Questions

I’ve always known that I am a shy person, so it wasn’t a shock to me that I was nervous and felt like my voice was choking up during my practice interview question in class. Although it was hard, I was happy to have been given positive feedback on the way I answer questions. I feel that sometimes I do know what to say and can explain my ideas, though I have trouble in expressing them to another person. I feel that that there is a lot of pressure when explaining my work as it is something deeply personal. This is something I would need to work on; my delivery. I believe that if I can develop my sense of confidence when talking to people, I could further improve the way I present my work and get more feedback and notice on the work I’ve done.


 I was happy that the BA tutor talked to me about my work. Although he did question me about the material I choose and the systematic approach I decided on to implement on my project, I was able to explain to him precisely the concept behind my work; which he understood and liked.

Overall, I received a lot of positive feedback on my work. People though my product was clean, organized and nicely made. Additionally, I was also given positive feedback on my drawing style. This is something I’m proud of as I’ve worked hard on it. I feel like being confident is something I really need to work on, confidence as a person and also confidence with my work. I feel that if I were surer about what I’m doing, I would be able to create more developed and interesting work and would also be able to present them properly, without having people question the gaps I missed out when I explain my ideas. I feel that although I received a lot of positive feedback, there are aspects that I will like to improve in terms of my final product. These improvements are the things I’ve mentioned in my initial reflection on the model itself.